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    No time to cook for 150 children?


    by TimesNow

    This Government School in Barmer serves their children half baked chapattis for their mid-day meal. Babu Devi, cook, said, "I cook for 150 kids at a time. It's not easy to cook for 150 kids and there are times that the food goes half cooked." With authorities citing lack of time to cook for 150 children, this indifferent attitude of the authorities is totally shocking. Bhagirath Gaud, Teacher, said, "Sometimes when there is lot of children then this happens. They are Government employees that don't come on time. Sometimes they come a little late and in haste the food turns out to be uncooked." This excuse for lack of hygiene, cleanliness and cooking half cooked food for the children is only stoking the fire that the tragedy in Bihar caused to so many families.