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    The Internet is buzzing with a supposed Lady Gaga "ARTPOP" song leak called "Burqa" and we've got the lyrics for ya! Hey hey my lovely Little Monsters. We're not sure if this is a real song leak from Mother Monster but a clip of her rumored new song "Burqa" has leaked online. We already know that "Burqa" is a confirmed track on her upcoming "ARTPOP" app/ album but is this snippet real deal? The low quality Soundcloud clip hears Gaga sing all about burqas (an Islamic outer garment) to a heavy electronic track. The lyrics in the futuristic song go, "Disturb the unaware/ Put it on, conceal your hair/ Disturb the unaware/ Bitch I've been on the cover of Vanity Fair." So far these definitely sound like Gaga lyrics singing about hair and magazine covers. Here's more, "Let's get it on, religious risky fashion/ Let's get it on, religious risky fashion/ Put it on, wear that Burqa all year long, all year long." Again, the religious references are very Gaga-esque as well as the fashion shout out. Here's the supposed chorus lyrics, "Burqa, burqa, burqa let's get psychotic/ Burqa, burqa, burqa let's get erotic, robotic." Surely the Islamic community might have something to say about those controversial lyrics. This new leak comes just a few months after a supposed instrumental leak of the 'Burqa' song hit the web. We think this leak might be the actual song since we know her new single is coming August 19th and she's worked with DJ Zedd on the album and has said it will be "experimental" with a heavy electronic dance influence. Again, the clip is really low quality but does sound like Gaga. So is this her upcoming single? Rumor has it she's changed the lead single off the album more than three times! So we'll have to wait and see. Take a listen yourself, links below, and give us your expert opinion if this is a real ARTPOP track or not. Thanks for watching ClevverMusic my Little Monsters—check back her real soon for more Gaga news, see you next time!