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    AquaCraft Models Lucas Oil FE Catamaran


    by HobbicoInc

    With its authentic Lucas Oil trim scheme, this brushless beauty stands out from all the other offshore racers. A water-cooled motor and 60A controller deliver blazing speeds that complement the high-performance GrimRacer 2535 hydro/cat hardware package. If you’re all about convenience, there’s a Lucas Oil catamaran that comes ready-to-run with a dependable 2.4GHz SLT radio system — or you can opt for the Receiver-Ready version that’s designed to accept your radio of choice.
    Lucas Oil® is a registered trademark of Lucas Oil Products.

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    AQUB2105 — Ready-to-Run (RTR)
    AQUB2106 — Receiver-Ready (Rx-R)
    Hull Length: 29.5 in (750 mm)
    Beam: 10.4 in (265 mm)
    Weight: 4.1 lb (1.84 kg)

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