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    Allama Zameer Akhtar: Greatness of HAZRAT BIBI SAKINA(a.s) From Quran {Reply to Yazidi Propegenda}

    Markaz-E-Uloom E-Islamia

    by Markaz-E-Uloom E-Islamia

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    * Attributes of ABU TALIB(a.s)
    * Hazrat ABU TALIB(a.s) Had A Command Over Arabic Literature!!
    * Status of Hazrat ABU TALIB(a.s)
    * There Are 7 Words in Surah-e-Kausar(Al-Quran) Which Were Never Repeat in Quran Again
    * Arabic Linguistics And Surah-e-Kausar{Al-Quran}
    * Surah-e-Kausar{Al-Quran} Destroyed Thoughts of Arabs
    * Foolishness of Both Shia and Sunni Scholars About BIBI HAZRAT SAKINA(s.a)
    * Hazrat BIBI SAKINA(s.a) Is The Ayat of Quran
    * Shia's and Sunni's Scholar Wante To Relate Shameless Tradition to Hazrat BIBI SAKINA(s.a)
    * Propegendas About Name Of Hazrat BIBI SAKINA(s.a)
    * Some illiterate Shias Now Got The Thoughts of Yazidis
    * We Have To Aware About That Yazidi Propegendas
    * Greatness Of Hazrat BIBI SAKINA(s.a) From QURAN
    * Faults of Scholars In Arabic Linguistic
    * MIR ANEES and MIRZA DABEER About Name of Hazrat BIBI SAKINA(s.a)
    * It is The Battle With SHIA SCHOLARS
    * Reply To Maulana Ali Naqi Naqqan
    * ALLAMA DR.SYED ZAMEER AKHTAR NAQVI's Thoughts About Arabic Language
    * Logical and Factual Disscussion Over This Propegenda
    * You Have To Choose Between Shiites Scholar and Infalliblity of Offspring of MUHAMMAD(saw.a.w)
    * Logical Proof in Support and Islamic Fiqa
    * There Was A Article In Dawn About Hazrat BIBI SAKINA(a.s)
    * PROPHET's First Cousin ABU SUFIYAN And Historic Fun
    * Muslim Historian and Their Politics
    * Who Is That Actual "SAKINA" Which Were The Subject Of These Shameless Shiite and Sunni Traditions
    * SAKINA Binte HASEEN is That Girl Who Got 6 Marriages and From Clan of Umaeyahh
    * Umme Kulsoom Binte Jarwal Is The Actual Wife Whom Dipicted As MAULA ALI(a.s)'s Daughter
    * Drawbacks of Arabic Language
    * Greatness of URDU
    * Hypocrisy of Arabic
    * There A Raising Propegendas About ANEES and DABEER