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Evaanz - The Walk

il y a 5 ans31 views

Evaanz - The Walk feat Holistic & Jenny Bapst (official video)
EP Red & Black available on itunes

Shot, directed & edited by: Rad Nice - Rabia Alghani
Second camera : Celine D'Agostini
Produced by: I. Sheik for Holistic
Lyrics & vocals: Evaanz / Iz Inferno & I.Sheik (Holistic) / Jenny Bapst


Spawned out of Paris France, Evaanz was a staple and a formidable force in the French urban music scene. The singer, songwriter and composer embarked on a pilgrimage to New York City to expand her musical horizons. This journey led her to rediscover her roots in classic r&b and hip hop when she teamed up with Holistic for the production of the EP. The combination of these elements fused to form “Red & Black”, the title and first single of the project. The inspiration behind “Red & Black” spans decades of music, from French pop to hip-hop…

Special thanks: Rad Nice - Rabia Alghani, Holisitc, I. Sheik, Iz Inferno, Jenny Bapst, Dj Gino, Laura Vuckov, Celine D'Agostini, Vaziva Music, The Bridge, Evan Z. - ╠ ABONNEZ-VOUS : http://bit.ly/11xWMlU
╠ SUIVEZ-NOUS SUR FACEBOOK : http://on.fb.me/19R25Vz
╠ NOS NOUVEAUTES : http://bit.ly/12b3lcO
╠ INTERSESSIONS : la nouvelle scène folk, pop, rock et alternative • La bande son de vos semaines au rythme de nos errances sonores.

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Evaanz - The Walk
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