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    Triplet Convention Held in Baltimore

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    The triplet convention recently wrapped up in Baltimore. The get-together was aimed towards uniting triplets.

    It's rare enough to see twins.

    Now, imagine seeing multiple sets of triplets under one roof.

    A unique convention aiming towards uniting triplets recently wrapped up in Baltimore. The event which commenced on Friday July 12th and ran through Sunday, the 14th, drew in dozens of identical siblings.

    Simply called the triplet convention, it has been held annually in different locations throughout the United States for the past 22 years. Triplets along with their parents meet up to discuss stories and the difficulties along with the joys of sharing this journey together.

    A 16-year-old convention attendee spoke of the triplet trials stating “Sometimes it gets hard, and it gets stressful. Sometimes you have to fight for attention.”

    The event gave triplets a chance to bond with each other and exchange tips on how to overcome their challenges. Many of the triplet sets were teenagers, however adults and younger children also attended.

    In everyday life, most of the siblings dress differently, but they showcased matching outfits at the convention in order to both make a statement and highlight the unique aspect of their family.