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    Demi Lovato chats about her new 'X Factor' USA judging strategy... and is Simon Cowell rubbing off on her? Hey hey 'X Factor' fans you've come to the right place, welcome back to ClevverMusic. To get you excited for the new season of the singing show, I caught up with the 'X Factor' season 3 judges Kelly Rowland and Demi Lovato while filming auditions here in Los Angeles on Thursday July 11th. Here's what happened when I asked Kelly how the show's filming is going, and Demi about her new strategy as a veteran judge on the show. So now we all know what Demi plans on doing: being a brat to Simon and getting her fellow judges to join in. Demi was known last season for constantly getting into harmless fights with fellow judge Simon Cowell. While it was LA Reid whose contestant Tate Stevens won the show last season, we're not sure that keeping that bickering going is a good strategy on Demi's part. And it seems Simon is rubbing off on her, although we know she was only joking with her "good looks" joke to Kelly. We do, however, love seeing the Girl Power Destiny's Child influence come out in the female judges and we can't wait for more that. X Factor USA season 3 premieres September 11th, so go set that DVR right now. Thoughts on Demi's strategy and outlook on the new season? You know you want to leave a comment. More X Factor fun and stuff coming here on ClevverMusic. I'm Misty Kingma have an awesome day.