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    Tris & Four Get Close in New DIVERGENT Photos


    by ClevverTV

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    Check out that intense stare between Tris and Four. Woo wee -- we can feel the tension -- can you?! Alright, thank you for the Christmas present that has come half of a year early, we've got new Divergent photos to share with you all. Another one of the pics showcases a closeup of Shailene Woodley as Tris. You can see her birds tattoo peeking out of her black tank, so obviously this is after she chooses the Dauntless faction. She looks intent on doing something -- perhaps Tris is looking over at Four -- who is featured in the next one. Four looks like he's about to fight... his arms are up and he's in the stance. Up next, we've got a behind the scene photo of Tris climbing, and you'll notice that she wearing all grey -- so this must be closer to the beginning of the story right after her switch from Abnegation. And we want to add in this cool action shot that debuted on Entertainment Weekly -- you can see Tris and Christina, played by Zoe Kravitz, jumping off the train... as all Dauntless do. So those are the newest Divergent pics to hit the public, and I'd love to run through some of the standout photos that have already been released just in case you missed them. We see Four and Tris bonding, likely during their game of Capture the Flag since they're the ferris wheel at Navy Pier in the background, we love seeing the pic of Tori administering the aptitude test to Tris -- check out that machine! And finally, we get to see the moment right before Tris is the first of the initiates to jump off the side of the building. And there are lots more cool action shots from this first movie based on the book series by Veronica Mars. Let us know your thoughts about these new pics -- aren't you really looking forward to seeing the on-screen chemistry between Tris and Four AND the fight scenes come to life?? Be sure to subscribe to ClevverTV for interviews with the Divergent cast, movie news and more. I'm Dana Ward -- we'll see you next time!

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