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    The Timid Toreador


    by looneytunes13

    Rescued off a torrent. In it's original B&W. 1940.

    I apologize for not uploading as much as I used to. I haven't been able to stay up to date with the Looney Tunes YouTube crisis. It seems like BugsBunnyOfficial died and Rabbit of Seville's only upload there has finally met the rath of WB. I no longer see CoyoteAndRoadRunner around, YosemiteSamQuotes has 1 video left. And it turns out today, themiz (or known here as CartoonNostalgia) had his account deleted. Yesterday I attempted uploading The Phantom Ship, but to no avail. Anywho, thanks to CartoonNostalgia and CLASSICTUNES1944, among others, for helping repair the LT archives with their uploads. :)