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    Man Swims for 5 Hours in Rough Ocean to Save Family

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    46-year-old John Franklin Riggs swam for five hours in the ocean to save his family.

    Boat outings are a popular family option during summers.

    A brave Maryland man is now a hero after saving his family’s life. 46-year-old John Franklin Riggs swam for five hours in the ocean. Riggs and his relatives had been on a boat for a fishing trip.

    His father, sister, along with 2 children, Rigg’s niece and nephew were on the boat. They were near a lighthouse in Tangier Sound when a storm broke out. The boat took in too much water and turned on its side.

    Riggs made the decision to jump in the water and battle the strong waves during the brunt of the storm to get help. After swimming about 3 miles and climbing over jagged rocks in the dark, Riggs finally reached the shore at about 1 in the morning. He ran to the first house he saw.

    The homeowner, Angela Byrd immediately called emergency crews.

    Luckily the family was located and pulled from the waters. Miraculously, they were uninjured. Riggs spoke of his decision to swim the harsh waters, stating “It wasn't an option, it just had to be done because they had been out there all night.”