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    Protruding Ears...? New Hope with simple surgery


    by VideoproFile

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    As kids, the teasing can be brutal. As adults, the looks can be startling.

    And for those with an ear condition, their confidence can be shattered. This is the story about protruding ears, floppy ears or, as it is sometimes called, prominent ear.

    Fortunately, the condition rarely causes physical pain. But embarrassment can lead to great emotional pain. Rather than focus on the problems with these ear deformities, our story is about a solution that will give every person with protruding ears, and even their friends and family, hope, confidence and something to smile about.

    Introducing Cartilaze by Numena Medical Corporation.

    A New Standard of Care and a breakthrough in ear surgery, administered by experienced surgeons like Dr. Tim Ragsdale.

    “Cartilaze is a new non-surgical laser assisted treatment to treat protruding ears. And this can be done in the office withou