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    Celebrity Update on Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart and Justin Bieber


    by starxtreme

    Taylor Swift is said to be relieved after a man who made death threats against her was finally arrested. Among his many attacks on the star, a Facebook message which read ''Taylor Swift must die'' and chanting ''Satan'' at her in person during one of her concerts.
    Kristen Stewart became the victim of a cruel prank when someone left a love message addressed to her ex Robert Pattinson on the hood of her car. K-Stew spotted the message on Monday July the 8th after leaving an L.A. studio. According to a source, she saw it, brushed it away and drove off without any hesitation.
    And finally, Justin Bieber's voice will reportedly appear on Selena Gomez's new single 'Love Will Remember'. The romantic track kicks off with a voicemail message, where it's apparently Justin who says ''You are my princess'', ''You, are the love of my life''.

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