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    Trayvon Fake - 'Trayvon Martin' Never Existed - An Agitation Propaganda Exercise


    by livingonplanetZ

    Did a "Trayvon Martin" live in Florida? In the United States? According to the official records, no. As is usual with many dramatic stories distrubuted to the press, no one has bothered to check the most basic facts. Could it be that the "Trayvon Martin Shooting Drama" is yet another engineered agitation propaganda media hoax? An increasing array of direct and indirect evidence suggests that the answer to this is yes. Even the protests are engineered -

    Who authorized this propaganda? Who designed it? What is the REAL identity and origin of the people (actors) involved? Has anyone bothered to investigate their backgrounds or even their identities?

    This video is not the last word, but it is a beginning for those who wish to get a fresh start on a path to the truth. The "press" has been complicit and even helpful in cultivating ignorance and disinformation. Start with the real facts that every 'journalist' should have obtained before repackaging the press kit propaganda releases.

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