'Pacific Rim' Clevver Review

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Pacific Rim is hitting the big screen and we got your review on this monster vs. robot action packed film. Hey guys so I got a chance to watch the movie and I have to tell you it is well worth it to pay those extra dollars for IMAX 3D. The film which is directed by Guillermo Del Toro takes the world's alien invasion to another level and If you are watching it in 3D, even better! But I do have to tell you, prepare yourselves because this is a loud movie and you might find yourself being reminded of the Power Rangers or Transformers by night. The movie opens up with a spectacular 18-minute prologue battle that immediately gets you hooked. The cutting edge CGI is amazing as the Kaiju which resemble giant Godzilla's fight against the Jaegars who give it their all to save humanity. Now the movie is definitely entertaining from beginning to end although for my taste it may have been a bit too long but hey if you are a movie geek and have loved watching robot movies this is a movie for you. We actually spoke with the director who has officially confirmed that there will be a sequel and it is already in the process of being written. But for now I would definitely recommend watching Pacific Rim and please bring your buddies and not your girlfriend as this may be more of a dude flick and less of a date night movie. For clevver movies, I'm Vivian Fabiola thanks for watching!