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    After more than a year of teasing Little Monsters with the thought of her third album 'ARTPOP', Lady Gaga finally revealed the release date and when we can hear the first single! Happy Friday and welcome back to your weekly "What's Up With Gaga?" dose of Gaga news here on ClevverMusic. Misty Monster is happy to be back and what better way than to tell you all about the gift Lady Gaga has given us?! My friends, the ARTPOP REVOLUTION is upon us. I'm so excited to tell you that last night Thursday July 11th Lady Gaga announced via her Facebook page that the album/app will drop 11-11 November 11th, and the first single will come August 19th! On a simple black bar on the top of her official Facebook page were written the words, "THE SINGLE 8.19 PRE-ORDER ALBUM/ APP 9.1 ALBUM/APP RELEASE 11.11". Gaga's Facebook profile picture was also changed, to a stunning head shot with Gaga wearing a clear retro looking mask. We're not sure what the mask means, but maybe you guys can help us out in the comments? We love that you can see her 'ARTPOP' tattoo in the picture! Do you think it's possible the album cover will be similar to this profile picture? We'll have to wait and see. And as we suspected, the single being released on 8.19 suggests Gaga will be performing at the 2013 MTV VMAs on August 25th! And don't worry there is more news. On Facebook, Mother Monster also posted a lengthy explanation of the ARTPOP app and what ARTPOP actually means saying, "...the app itself is a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion, and technology with a new interactive worldwide community—"the auras". Altering the human experience with social media, we bring ARTculture into POP in a reverse Warholian expedition." Clearly referring to the famous pop artist Andy Warhol, who has apparently inspired Gaga's latest work. The Facebook explanation goes onto state the app will let users build their own projects and chat with one another. Sounds to us like an exact extension of her social media site, Finally, the post explains ARTPOP is essentially, "a celebration of obsession" and announces that the night before the release, on November 10th, Lady Gaga will host an evening of "artRave" with featured collaborators including the controversial artist Jeff Koons. Um how do we get our Rave invite Gaga?! In other Gaga news this week, we're still waiting for her Twitter account to be back up and running after being 'Shut Down' last week. We also hear rumors Gaga will take the stage in September at the iTunes Festival in London with a big budget to work with! So UK Monsters, might want to check out that ticket! I know you are all bursting with excitement so tell me down below what you think of this announcement?! I'm Misty Monster thanks for watching your weekly What's Up With Gaga right here on ClevverMusic.