CCL Futureshock 2013 (p2)

CAW Champions League

by CAW Champions League

The (sort of unofficial) 100th video on this channel.

Recorded Saturday, July 6, 2013.

The most controversial night in the CAW Champions League has arrived. From the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida, CCL presents Futureshock: 4th Dimension.

*CCL WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (GAUNTLET MATCH): Gregory Black vs. Michael Heinman (submission match); winner to face Tommy Kazarian in a ladder match; winner to face Sherman Samson in an I Quit match
*CCL WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP: Beth Phoenix vs. Wonder Woman
*CCL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: The Butcher & Overkill vs. Future Foundation
*CCL HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP: Lewis Murphy vs. Suicido
*HANDICAP MATCH: Diana Diamond and ??? vs. Sports Entertainment Xtreme (Aya/Saya/The Kid)
*The Great D vs. Joseph Matos