Victory Over Rejections(Redemption!-LOL!)

Feezy Dee

by Feezy Dee

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I just made this video on the same night, I am uploading for the entire world and maybe even generations to SEE-LOL! Huh, They Never Know, Might even increase my fan-base/ and move into future huger landscapes!/ That field was so wounded that I had to dab the scab and add over it a band-aid/-Hafdav3000-Unified Rhyming Champion-Grand Paid-$$$->More Shine from the Divine-Brighter than a Lighter and Lamp-Shade/ and going have the power like A Gamma Ray/ This is just off the click of a Camera Play/ We've been redeemed/ higher self-esteem-Time To Celebrate/ Our Life is More Than Good, It's Great/ Hafdav3000. I am getting SEEN Already around the Earth, Maybe even in other Universes!-LOL! I might become so well-known that....I'd have extraterrestials asking me for autographs!-LOL! Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Lots of Laughs!-LOL! Yeah Haters, I already got my money up!-LOL! $$$$-and I did it the legal way!-LOL! Oh Yeah!... Again Haters, Lots of Laughs,Knowledge, Wealth, Better Health For Self, Fine Hotties in Bubble-baths!-LOL!-Fee-Z! So Take That Those Evil Haters, Under-estimaters, Job-Blockers, Check-Stoppers, Evil Type Ladies, Bam-Bam-Bam To Haters of All Kinds with Their Small Minds(LOL!), Instigators, Poisonous Pestilent Predatory Parasitic Pathetic Prejudiced Pernicious Peoples. Peace To The Non-Haters Though-LOL! $$$->Fee-Z!-Later!

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