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    5 Uncommon Facts About Ramadan

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    The Islamic month of prayer and fasting, called Ramadan is underway. Here are five uncommon facts concerning Ramadan.

    The Islamic month for prayer and fasting, called Ramadan is underway. Here are five interesting facts about Ramadan.

    Number 5 – Fasting is done from sunrise to sunset. For instance, those in Sweden must abstain for roughly 20 hours while Argentina dwelling Muslims fast for less than 10 hours. Muslims in the UAE are in the middle and fast for 15 hours each day.

    Number 4 – Ramadan is an important time to give to those who are less fortunate. A standardized ‘poor rate’ requires Muslims to donate approximately 2.5 percent of what is earned on capital assets.

    Number 3 – Each year, the duration of Ramadan changes because the Islamic calendar is lunar. The new moon has to be seen by the naked eye for the fasting holiday to officially begin. The total number of days can be either 29 or 30.

    Number 2 - Oman's labour law states that it is illegal for Muslims to work over 6 hours a day during Ramadan.

    Number 1 - Saudi Arabia enforces some of the strictest laws during the month. A warning was recently issued stating that any foreigners who are caught drinking, eating or smoking in public will face legal punishment including a potential prison sentence, lashes or even deportation.