The Rainbow - Soccer moves

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do you want to learn how to football?

here you have a demonstration on how to do the soccer " Rainbow " football/soccer trick to improve your football-soccer skills with this very awesome soccer move..


place your non-dominant foot in front of the ball, with the other foot press the ball towards your heel then roll it upwards,now do a fast jump and at the same time rise your heel upwards strongly to pass the ball over you

learn these soccer/football tips and tricks to get better

Now you can do the popular trick like football players like Cristiano ronaldo, neymar, messi,etc.

Very famous football trick,mostly used in freestyle and also used to improve football/soccer skills and strengthen the thighs of football players

fotbalové triky サッカートリック 足球技巧 เทคนิคฟุตบอล футбольные трюки

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