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    do you want to learn how to football?

    here you have a demonstration on how to do the "around the world" football/soccer trick to improve your football-soccer skills.

    Step 1 :

    Push the soccer ball with the inner part of your foot

    Step 2: Do a fake football/soccer move , swing your leg around the football to do it.

    Step 3 : Strike to the opposite way with a fast sprint!

    I hope this helps you in your football/soccer training.
    Try to improve your tricks and skills as much as you can.
    All these soccer moves are perfect as football training exercices.
    Watch the next football skills online tutorials to keep improving your soccer skills and have fun ;)

    Now you can do the popular tricks like football players like Cristiano ronaldo, neymar, messi, robinho, ronaldinho, carlitos tevez, etc

    The advanced step over can be used in futsal, street soccer, freestyle ,Street soccer anywhere! it´s an awsome football trick and not hard to learn ! learn this soccer skill now!

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