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    Chronicles of the Going Home Club - Episode 1 - Go-Home Club Applicants \ Life is Short; Go Home, Young Lady \ Beware of Hagizuki-ryuu Practitioners \ Extravagant Youth: Priceless


    by Crunchyroll

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    Andou Natuski, starting her first year in high school, feels annoyance at the prospect of joining a club. Her classmate Touno Karin sees her and leads her to a certain club room. Natsuki realizes that it is the club room for the "Go-Home Club."
    Despite her reservations, Natsuki joins the Go-Home Club.
    She asks the club president, Doumyouji Sakura, what the club does. As for the answer she receives...
    The Go-Home Club's tactical supervisor, Oohagi Botan, is the heir to the ancient Hagizuki-ryuu style of martial arts. Her extraordinary abilities involve slicing through a plastic bottle with a single chop. What is the story behind her "Summer Bear Tour"?!
    Kokonoe Claire is the daughter of the head of the Kokonoe Corporation. She feels no sense of loss when she spends money. The shocking extent of her money-spending and her fleeting aspirations are brought to light in this chapter.