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    Etsy Shop Features Taxidermy Mice

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A shop named PreciousCreature features taxidermy mice. Lauren Kane is the artist behind the storefront.

    Sweet and cuddly mice are a dime a dozen.

    But a talented artist, Lauren Kane has gives a unique spin to them. Her shop on features taxidermy mice.

    She stated “I love coaxing a deceased creature back to life.”

    Some of her works are cute, while others are a little grotesque. One piece is a vintage necklace, with a large pendant handing from a brass chain.

    Sticking out from the middle of the pendant is a decent-sized brown mouse that stares somberly straight ahead. Another work of radical art is a taxidermy dissection rat on a wooden stand.

    The rodent lies on its back. The mouth is wide open. Hand painted teeth along with a tongue can clearly be seen. The mouse’s organs were realistically modeled and attached to the facing underside of the creature, made from polymer clay.

    Kane claimed the most rewarding aspect of creating the stuffed mice is setting the face. She said adding the glass eyes along with tucking the lips and noise is what finally gives the rodent new life.