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Today on the net: online support for the female detainees on hunger strike in Syria; a child’s pregnancy revives abortion debate in Chile; and Justin Bieber upsets ice hockey fans across North America.
Female detainees in Syria on hunger strike
According to reports from Syrian human rights groups, female detainees in a Damascus prison have been on hunger strike since July 1st in protest of their detention conditions.
They are demanding the right to a fair trial, contact with family members and proper medical care. Thousands of web users in Syria, and abroad, are backing their protest on this Facebook page; some have posted photos with messages pledging support, with references to Ramadan, currently being observed around the world. Others have produced digital posters voicing solidarity with the political prisoners who are generally held without charge, calling for their immediate release.
Many have also taken to social networks to share concerns over their state of health as some of the female detainees are reportedly pregnant or seriously ill. This YouTube video for example looks at how the women who have been thrown in jail since the start of the uprising against the Bashar al-Assad regime, are being treated.

The NGO Human Rights Watch recently released a report on the subject. The investigation was based on accounts from 10 former female prisoners who describe, amongst other things, the acts of torture or sexual violence they were subjected to during their time in prison. 
Child’s pregnancy sets off abortion debate in Chile
The case of pregant 11-year-old Belen in ... Go on reading on our web site.

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