[MV] BIKINY (비키니)♡ Take On Me (날 받아줘) [HD 1080p]

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Strong summer bikiny (Bikiny), summer aimed at "Take on me" M / V release

2013 summer returns in early ! Bikiny comes back with their new song "Take on me"!

Don't be biased about Bikiny only exists during the summer! 2013 girl group Bikiny comes back with the song "Take on me". All members of the Bikiny, Jaein, Haei and LaLa developed their vocal ability in preparation for this album and this mixed with the addictive melody line at the refrain is the highlight of this song.

Bikiny coming July 5 digital single album, "summer time" is announced. Title song 'Take on me,' the sensitivity of a girl in love with the light and the Middle East who put sex strong melody, song lyrics, youthful blend of fast-paced rhythm of a typical summer dance song.

Working with two composers and a burning sweet potato team (gimseonyeop, Lee Sang-min) Shinsa horaengyi the well-known in the country as a musical mentor, but the Japanese girl group SDN48 called the "Yaritagariya san" in the Oricon charts, sexy solo John Humma member Kikuchi "FAKE" as part of Janis Kis-My-Ft2 (Kiss My Foot 2) concert music composer created a team of talented and famous musical sense Excellent.

Bikiny (Jane, Lara,HAEI ) This MV splits his time between shooting a cool beach and pool participated Idol Bikiny strong personality through this album, but all of the colors to show the source said.

Star Factory Entertainment agency official "when sunny day, or exercise, such as when driving or when you travel anywhere, anytime when you want to feel better and feel better when I hear this music," said the word is summer vacation where you can enjoy listening anywhere Exciting songs La said.

Through this album, the last album, Bikiny, bikiny but could not feel the splendor, without missing the addictive charm is an album that you can check. Followed agency
official said, "the title song of this album, 'Take on me,' sophisticated bikiny, but reminiscent of the sound and the freshness choreography and costumes, bikiny bouncing cheerleader, but you can see the new look, so please expect a lot of taps, "he said.

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