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    Gmail and Yahoo ID block

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    by Quantum PC Support

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    This video will show you how to block email ids in Yahoo and Gmail.
    First for yahoo mail
    Sing In your existing yahoo mail account – Then click “mail option” – From left panel “Advanced Options” click “Blocked Addresses” – Type email address you want to block for not receiving mails from them – after typing click ‘+” sign to add them in the list – you may also type a domain name not to receive any mail from that domain like, you could block at most 500 email ids – the list will be saved automatically

    2nd from GMAIL
    Sign in to your Gmail account – from the top right corner click the wheel button and select “settings” – click “Filter” – “create a new filter” – In the filter form type email ids with “|” separator in “From “ text box – then click “create filter with this search” – then click “Delete it” check box and “Also apply…” at bottom – Click “Create Filter” button – Filter will be created with a message

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