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    Harry Styles Ballet Training - SERIOUSLY


    by ClevverTV

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    The next time you see Harry Styles might just be rocking tights and a tutu, and no guys, I'm not kidding. The 1D cutie is going the way of the black swan. According a new report making the rounds online, Harry is legitimately planning to take up ballet, and to make this story just that much more interesting...well, he was apparently inspired to do so by none other than music legend and Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger. According to a source via Mick's longtime personal trainer, QUOTE "Harry wants a career spanning decades like Mick's and to have that he recognizes that fitness, health and developing his body is the key." Mick Jagger has been in the business for over 50 years, and has dance moves so memorable; they sparked one of the last decade's biggest hit songs "Moves Like Jagger." That said, it makes sense that Harry Styles would want to take some notes from the almost 70-year-old megastar. As die-hard 1D fans likely already know, Harry doesn't do much dancing on-stage. All of the guys move around and jump up and down a ton, but as far as choreographed dancing, well, it's not really their thing. But according to the same fitness source, that might all be about to change because Harry apparently chatted with Mick Jagger's trailer about starting an intense regime of QUOTE "kick-boxing, running, weights and, most importantly, ballet." Yes guys, Harry Styles is taking his career seriously. In fact, one of 1D's personal trainers even noted that nobdy works harder than ballet dancers, and Harry wants to be able get those Jagger moves going and QUOTE "do contortions." WOW. So who else is excited to see Harry show off his new dance steps? And is anyone else hoping that he's ready to star in the Nuckcracker by the holidays? I for one, think it's great that Harry is trying something new...just beware, those ballet teachers don't mess around. Give us your thoughts by hitting the comments section- for more 411 on all things One Direction, subscribe to ClevverTV on YouTube. I'm Joslyn Davis -- see you next tiem!

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