Teacher Censured for Stealing From Kids’ Lunchboxes

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A group of kids from a New Zealand childcare center had been complaining that their food was disappearing from their lunch boxes. Nobody believed them until a teacher was caught on camera pocketing their food.

When you hear about a kid getting his or her lunch stolen, usually the class bully is the perpetrator.

Believe it or not, every now and then, it’s the teacher looking for the free meal. You may remember the US teacher who made the news a couple years ago for making students grab him a hot meal – on them – from the cafeteria.

Well, this time the thief was a New Zealand childcare worker and the victims were a group of kids from the center where she worked.

They’d been complaining that their food was disappearing from their lunch boxes for a while, but nobody believed them.

That is, until the teacher was caught on camera rifling through the kids’ food containers and either pocketing, bagging, or just flat out eating the contents.

When confronted, she didn’t deny it, but she did ask for leniency so she could continue with her career.

A Teachers Council complaints assessment committee censured her and placed the provision on her certificate that for the next 5 years she must tell potential employers who require certification what happened.