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    Saudi Arabia: Conversations with T. Boone Pickens


    by VideoproFile


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    Boone: I really feel like I am helping do something for this country. When you get down to it, it\'s very, very simple, this is all about us.
    Brian: Hi, I\'m Brian Bradshaw. I\'m here with Boone Pickens. This is part of an ongoing educational series of videos about current energy issues in the world. Today, we\'re talking about Saudi Arabia. Boone, thank you for being with us. Thank you for taking the time.
    Boone: Sure.
    Brian: So, as far as Saudi Arabia goes, it\'s a critical part of the global supply picture. Just by way of background can you give us a little bit of history and a little bit of current facts about their production levels.
    Boone: Let\'s start from overall production everyday globally, 90 million barrels. OPEC, which Saudi Arabia is a part of, a big part of, is producing 30 million barrels out of the 90,