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    Online POS Software For Retail and Restaurant Business Point of Sale, Billing And Accounting Process

    Nelsan Mandela

    by Nelsan Mandela

    #Online Point of Sale
    Real-time stock look-up from POS to search the inventory in other locations. Integrates with receipt printers, credit card & bar-code readers

    # Inventory Management
    Match supply & demand in the most cost-effective way. Unique code for every piece of inventory

    # Offer and Discount Management
    Drive your business sales through product discounts & offers. They can be managed with a simple click

    # Secured Offline Support
    Continue your business without any network connectivity. Easy to sync with the database later

    # Accounts
    Accurate business closing with very little manual work. Saves time and reduces hassles in retail store operations

    # Multi-location Support
    Access multi-store data across locations from a single point. Anywhere access to real-time data/reports

    # Purchase Orders
    Fill up your inventory on time. Never run out-of-stock. TruePOS helps set min & max stock levels for products

    # Browser Support
    Compatible with popular web browsers. Adapts to different browser settings & enhances user-experience