Inkari 2013 Expedition

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We have never been that close from discovering the lost city of Païtiti!
After a difficult exploratory campaign in 2011 During which one Thierry's team reached the heart of the Sanctuary of Megantoni, the original land of the Matsiguengas, and discover a large agricultural complex in the Valley of Cusirini (or Teperachi), the French explorer is about to restart his journey.
Where the mysterious stone roads of the Qhapaq Ñan lead to? They are similar to the ones discovered in Lacco, in the Amazonian forest.
Since June 2010, Thierry Jamin is persuaded he has reached a location that it is very close from a « major achaeological site », lost somewhere in the North of the Department of Cusco. As per his assumptions, this site used to control all the Inca settlments discovered by Thierry and his group over the last couple of years in the valleys of Lacco, Chunchusmayo and Cusirini.

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