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    Shadow Percussion Project


    by fodera6

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    Tracks from DJ Shadow's album "Endtroducing" interpreted by the Minnetonka High School Percussion Ensemble from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Excerpt from live performance on May 16, 2005.
    Transcribed, arranged and directed by Brian Udelhofen.

    From Brian's website:
    "As a part time music instructor and avid Hip Hop lover, it has been a goal of mine to develop music that can be appreciated both both academic musicians and the Hip Hop community as well. In the Winter and Spring of 2005, I attempted to adapt a few tracks off DJ Shadow's remarkable album Endtroducing for a live performance group. By mid-February I had arranged both Building Steam with a Grain of Salt and Changeling for Percussion Quintet. Eager to hear what these arrangements sounded like, I brought the music to the Minnetonka High School Percussion Ensemble, an extracurricular music program that I instructed. The students responded to the music positively, even though it was extremely challenging. After a few months of intense rehearsal, the students performed both tracks for a live audience on Monday, May 16 2005."

    "The music was arranged by 25 year-old geographer/law student/vibraslap enthusiast Brian Udelhofen, who teaches the group. They play 'Building Steam with a Grain of Salt' and 'Changeling'. What's amazing is how much like the record they sound (given the rather fuzzy audio), at least on 'Building Steam'. The drummers recreate the glitchy MPC-60 loop editing pretty much perfectly."

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