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    Bohemian Grove Alex Jones Conspiracy


    by steie82dwa

    Bohemian Grove artist Bohemian
    Grove and Alex Jones from Info Wars seem to be inseparable whenever the
    topic of conspiracies come up in conversation. I saw a show called Brad
    Meltzer's Decoded on The History Channel with an episode about the
    Grove in California. I had heard of it but not familiar with the
    secrets and conspiracies surrounding the place and it's members.
    Likewise with Jones, I had heard of him but that was about it. Ten
    minutes into this show, I was hooked! I couldn't believe I didn't know
    more about this story being the sucker that I am for a good conspiracy
    theory. After watching the entire show and becoming fixated on the
    story, I also watched the Alex Jones documentary "Dark Secrets: Inside
    Bohemian Grove" since he seemed to be the go to guy for information
    during the Decoded show. It only took the two shows for the inspiration
    to sit down and write the song!