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    Piggy Bank Robber Spends It All on Prostitution and Drugs

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    A north Saint Louis County man was told he could grab a couple of quarters from his nephew’s piggy bank but he ended up making off with all 500 dollars of its contents.

    Ah, the piggy bank – a symbol of the great things one can eventually reap by watching their pennies and holding true to their goals.

    Anyone who had one as a kid likely remembers that magical moment when it was finally broken open.

    Sadly, a Saint Louis County child will not soon know that exhilarating rush.

    A north Saint Louis County man was visiting his sister last July and while he was there asked if he could borrow a couple dollars in quarters.

    The sister told him to just grab the change out of her 4-year-old son’s piggy bank, which he did – and about 500 dollars more.

    After draining his nephew’s savings, the man went out on the town and blew the entire sum on drugs and prostitutes.

    While awaiting trial for that crime, the 31-year-old carried out another burglary in Saint Louis County.

    Recently, he had his day in court and pleaded guilty on both counts. After a three-day waiting period, the judge presiding over the case handed the man a prison sentence of 7 years.