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    Arma 2: Chernarus Life │ Gentlemen's Club │ Part 3 │ "Oil Tycoons!"


    by EireBornFenix

    This is Chernarus Life and it's the 404 version for Arma 2! In Chernarus Life you will trek across the map of Chernarus as either the life of a Civilian or a Police Officer! The 404 version is still in beta so some of the features that you see may be changed. I get initiated into the elite Gentlemen's Club and then the video starts! We journey across the map and spend our lives on the fringes of the law! Enjoy!

    ☣ Chernarus Life Playlist:

    Chernarus Life Server: [404Games] Chernarus Life #1

    ☢ Key Features: • Roleplaying, • Economy, • Drugs, • Licences, • Cops vs Robbers,
    • Banks, • Bank Robberies, • Drug Running, • Oil Drilling, • Rebel Counties

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