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    Calling all Barbz! We're testing your Nicki Minaj trivia here with 5 things you may not know about the rapper! What's up it's another beautiful day here at ClevverMusic, welcome back. We love Nicki Minaj as any other fan does, so we dug up some interesting facts about Nicki you might not know. What surprised us the most? It's Nicki's childhood career dream that has us a little perplexed. When Nicki was younger she admitted she wanted to be a nurse so she could help people! That seems a little far from her current rapstress superstar status right? But of course that dream was before she found out she was a born entertainer. Speaking of entertaining Queen of the Barbz used to entertain with the Clarinet back in Middle School in Queens New York- that's right! She played the clarinet in the school band. So there's two shocking Nicki facts so far, now what about Nicki's first job? The Barbie has admitted that before all the outlandish costumes and colored wigs she used to work at a Red Lobster. I wonder if she still knows the special of the day? I'd love to hit up a Red Lobster with Nicki, wouldn't you? For our number four Nicki fact let's talk about her big break! Nicki was discovered by music executive via her MySpace page (back when we all actually had MySpace's) which showed her unique freestyle ability and included some sexy promo pictures. It was Dirty Money CEO Fendi who came across her page and loved what he saw and then signed her to his label which led to Lil Wayne contacting her to collaborate on a number of mixtapes. And the rest is history. Speaking of history, where did her now famous array of accents come from? You may be surprised to learn Nicki studied dialect to perfect her different voices for rapping but also learned her British accent from watching her girlcrush Mel B of the Spice Girls! Um so can we have a Mel B and Nicki collaboration now? Thanks. Well that wraps up our 5 things you don't know about Nicki Minaj—did you know all of these? Tell me in the comments or tweet me @ClevverMusic on Twitter! Thanks for stopping by ClevverMusic Nicki fans, I'll see you soon with more Nicki news online.