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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 tops the most anticipated games of the year.

    Konami has released little by little some news regarding the development of the game to follow PES 2013: the scoop this time is about the new graphics engine, as well as use of "Barycenter Physis", a way to make the players' movements and physical behavior more realistic.

    Everything related to strategy will also have a more realistic twist. Now we will be able to enjoy complete control of every player.

    Will PES dethrone FIFA as one of the best soccer games?

    This Konami game already the most anticipated games of the year.

    The juiciest rumor is about the graphics engine

    Regardless of changes in technology, like the launch of new consoles and more, the development team is taking its time creating this new game that will be playable, of course, on PC.

    Another bit of news is the use of "Barycenter Physics", a system that will greatly improve issues related to the physics involved in the bodies of the players

    Without a doubt, you can bet that this is somehow related to the features of its main competitor, FIFA

    Regarding strategy while playing, the developers claim that you will be able to select any player on the team, in order make the roles of the players on the field clearer.

    For example, we will be able to put nine players on defense in order to avoid a tie from the opposing team, or put them on the offense to strengthen it.

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is already preparing all of these developments

    Will it finally beat out FIFA as one of the leading soccer games?

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