Darius pinning Thomas - preview

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wrestle for fun
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Darius and Thomas are sitting in the living room, both are bored. Thomas is
provoking Darius, tries to grab his apple. Darius, tightly muscled, does not
let it happen. He knows exactly who would rule in a fight, but Thomas does
ignore the warnings, he just continues to be a pain in the neck. Finally
Darius puts his apple aside to show the slim boy who is boss. He pulls Thomas
to the mat and after a few seconds, Tomas is on his back and Darius pins him.
Darius enjoys to dominate and tease his new victim extensively. Thomas does
not stand a chance.
He gets trapped on and on again in various pins. Darius is weakening Thomas
systematically by choking him again and again, almost let him fade out, but as
well the leg scissors are doing their part. And Darius loves to show his new
boytoy his body, he is posing while sitting on Thomas and let him feel what a
muscled body looks like.

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