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Ronald Reagan's warning to students during Education Week.

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In 1988, Ronald Reagan gave this speech to students to begin American Education Week. In this speech he shows how liberty had made us the most innovative country in the world, but he warns that tyrants often couch themselves in American style freedom rhetoric. Reagan explains that if government is not limited to the powers granted it in the Constitution, government is no longer limited and self government becomes an illusion.

Here is a small sample:

“The most important thing you can do is ground yourselves in the ideas and the values of the American revolution and that is a vision that goes beyond economics and politics. It’s also a moral vision, grounded in the reverence and faith of those who believed that with God’s help, they could create a free and democratic nation. The designed a system of limited government that, in John Adam’s words, was suited only to a religious people such as ours.

Our Founding Fathers were the descendants of the Pilgrims — men and women who came to America seeking freedom of worship — who prospered here and offered a prayer of thanksgiving, something we’ve continued to do each year, and so that we’ll do it again on Thursday of next week. By renewing our commitment to the original values of the American Revolution and to the principles of “We the People,” we can best preserve our liberty and expand the progress of freedom in the world, which is the purpose for which America was founded.”