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    7.Wong's Prediction Technology: How to forecast life limit, death of Sita Chan, 1987-2013 ?

    John John Wong

    by John John Wong

    Wong's Astrology & Numerology: (bk-sitachan-eng)

    Author: John Wong (黃仲佳)

    John Wong's Prediction Technology: Prediction Technology & Mathelogical Ascertainment of Events (PT&MAE)

    7.Wong's Prediction Technology: How to forecast death of Sita Chan, 1987-2013

    Tags: Time Genetics, Timeon, Time gene, Sita Chan 1987-2013, John Wong, numerology, astrology, fate particle, destiny, big fortune, decade fortune, decade bounds, small fortune, small bounds, life limit, traffic accident, star orbits, celestial phenomenon, galaxies, gravitational force,

    Content: 1.Time Genetics 2.Special Timeons 3.Decade Fortune 4.Small Fortune 5.Sita Chan (陳僖儀)

    Description: John Wong (Wong Chung Kai 黃仲佳) is a scientist and mathematician keen on Prediction Technology & Mathelogical Ascertainment of Events (PT&MAE). I know the motion of stars is the Diary of Jehovah, God, and time is a switch of an event. I establish a subject called Time Genetics to study the skills to forecast the occurrence of an event or ascertain a happened event by mathematical and logical approaches based on those formulae created and derived from events in history. I call the skills to forecast the fate of a person as Micro-Prediction. The time and place of birth are crucial. I call the skills to predict the destiny of a group of people as Macro-Prediction. Biblical prophecies are crucial. I assume all events occurred are caused by `Time Genes' and `Timeon' is a basic fate particle in a time gene. Actuall, `Timeons' are real stars in the galaxies. They are huge `particles'. The composition of substances in a star produces unique gravitational force. The spectra of forces of stars are like electromagnetic waves. Each timeon has its specific influenceon an event. A time gene is a combination of timeons, called `Time Model'. Actually, a `Time Model' is celestial phenomenon of galaxies. Its power is the resultant of gravitational forces. I express the time genes in a general form of `Ln'. `L' is alphabets from A to J and `n' is numbers from 0 to 11. The alphabetical part is called the `Stem' of a time gene and the numerical part is called the `Root'. Both the stems and roots are recurring. The total number of combinations of stems and roots are 60, like `A0',`B1',...,`I10',`J11'. According to their sequence, time genes can also be expressed by numbers with two digits, like `01',`02',...,`58',`59',`60'. So, A0=01, B1=02, C2=03, ..., H9=58, I10=59, J11=60. They are the `Time Codes' in Time Genetics.

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