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    Miley Cyrus says she was Lil Kim in a former life- and reveals her 5 favorite female singers! Hey friends you're tuned in to ClevverMusic with all things music online. Miley Cyrus sat down to reveal her five favorite singers to Billboard, and her picks are kinda surprising. Her #3 fav female was the most fascinating, choosing Lil Kim and revealing why she says, "In my past life, I feel like... that was me... Lil Kim is who I am on the inside and she just makes me happy listening to her music." Miley recently made a cameo in a Lil Kim and Tiffany Foxx music video, and seems to be channeling Kim with her new mature image. But don't worry Nicki Minaj fans she chose Nicki as her #4 favorite singer saying, "I have to put Nicki as four because I did Kim... you can't choose one. So if you say Kim then you gotta say Nicki. And Nicki is now the Kim of my generation." We have a feeling fans are gonna have a lot to say about Miley claiming Nicki is the Kim of our generation. As for the rest of Miley's picks her #1 favorite is Dolly Parton because she is her Godmother and is a "real life Barbie Doll". At #2 Miley chose Joan Jett because when she was younger "that's who I always wanted to be" and she paved the way for women to kick ass. Her last pick is Beth Hart, because she has one of the best voices Miley has ever heard and her songs are "stories". So what do you think of Miley's picks? To us, it explains a lot of Miley's recent career moves musically and her new edgy image. Do you think Miley will become the new Lil Kim? I can't wait to read your comments! I'm Misty Kingma for ClevverMusic see you in the next video.