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    MJ Ghost in One - Cirque du Soleil

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    London, July 3: Cirque Du Soleil members have claimed that Michael Jackson’s ghost has been haunting the Las Vegas stage show written in his memory.
    Members feel that Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘One,’ which promises fans to bring them closer to the King of Pop with their intimate performance, is haunted by Michael’s ghost, which has been doing so for several months, while working on their new gig at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the Mirror reported.
    Show creator Jamie King reckons that the late singer has guided their work from beyond the grave while some staff felt that he helped them create their latest Cirque Du Soleil hit.
    King said that he sensed from the beginning that Michael was with him all along and that he is not just the story creator and director, but that he is also the co-director of the show with Michael.
    He said that from the start he wanted to create a show that Michael would have liked to create himself, so he could not have done that alone.
    When asked if he could feel Michael’s presence around him during rehearsals, he said ‘absolutely,’ asserting that he didn’t make one decision that he felt Michael wouldn’t have taken.
    Sound designer Jonathan Deans admitted that while watching the dress rehearsals he felt that Michael in the purpose built theatre at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. (ANI)