in moroccan restaurant in virginia usa


by reda

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You seem like you are homesick. Moroccans have never showed a sense of citizenship. Don't worry, you will get over it soon :)
By PaPiCha 7 years ago
we have a god culture of music we don't need to other tradition we have gnawa
By ali omari 7 years ago
we need to show him our rich tradition u know ,our historie,we don't need to other tradition and other music we have our national music we are moroccan ,u know what is moroccan !!!!!!!!!
By ali omari 7 years ago
yes i know, but we must present our real tradition , our identité u know ,why belly dancing is very famouis in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By ali omari 7 years ago
ali ... maroc is often used as a bridge between the west to the african an asian cultures and the orient, so this style does exist in maroc, leave the berbers a precious secret hidden in the mountains... a better place than smoky restaurants.
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