Tokyo Sidewalks Get Covered in Soap Bubbles

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One section of Tokyo was recently home to sidewalks covered in white, soapy froth. An employee working at a nearby company dumped about 40 liters of dish soap down the sink drain.

Most of us are tired of the scorching heat. Some Tokyo residents momentarily thought they had escaped the summers.

Recently, one section of the city looked like winter wonderland and was covered with what looked like snow but the substance was actually an abundance of white, soapy bubbles.

The froth first appeared on May 12th, oozing from the sewers and spilling over onto the ground. Initially, residents believed the white goo was a result of nearby road construction projects, but the true origin was quite unexpected.

Reportedly, an employee working at a nearby company dumped about 40 liters of body soap down the sink drain. (1,3,1) (1,3,1) The business is located on the 13th floor of a building located in Ginza, so the sticky soap had a good journey, giving it plenty of time to get nice and bubbly before emerging from the sewers.

The froth covered almost the entire sidewalk and even poured out into the street. Although the company claimed the soap was harmless, it did make the pavement extremely slippery.