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    Miley Cyrus stops by Jimmy Kimmel and explains why she and Snoop Lion are such good pals! Hey guys thanks for checking in with ClevverMusic every day for your popular music news. Miley Cyrus stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday June 25th to talk about her crazzzzy new music video for "We Can't Stop" but also talked about her recent collaboration with Snoop Lion on 'Ashtrays and Heartbreaks'. Wearing a white crop top turtleneck, black jacket, and high waisted black booty shorts Jimmy greeted Miley uncomfortably saying, "I did not realize when you walked out you were wearing your underpants!" 20-year-old Miley laughed it off and had a good time talking to Jimmy. When he asked her how in the world she knows Snoop Lion, Miley explained she met him at a recording studio and he's very involved and excited about what she's doing with her career now. Miley then said, "We're more alike than you think... we're very similar." Jimmy quipped, "That's because he's so high he doesn't even know what his name is anymore," to which Miley replied, "Me too, so it's fine! We both are... that's why we get along so well, I guess." Then Jimmy abruptly changed the subject. Once again, she's being 'Miley' and not apologizing for her apparent marijuana use. So it all makes sense on why her and Snoop are such kindred spirits. On Jimmy that night Miley also performed her new single "We Can't Stop" plus joined her for their collaboration "Fall Down" on his album #willpower. So what I want to know from you guys is do you like "Ashtrays and Heartbreaks" and is Miley being BFF with Snoop a bad thing? And if you haven't subscribed to ClevverMusic yet, please go do that. I'm your pal Misty Kingma, see you soon with more music news.