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    Roll those windows down- summer is here! Here's ClevverMusic's Summer 2013 song playlist! Hello my clever friends, you've have stopped by ClevverMusic here on YouTube. Here's the hottest new sun soaked jams to have the best summer ever. Of course we started it off with "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke, TI and Pharrell one of the hottest songs right now. We also added feel-good song "Treasure" by Bruno Mars, and in case you wanna get crazy, Jessie J & Big Sean's new song "Wild". I personally love Nikki Williams "Glowing" so that's on the list, and Florida Georiga Line's "Cruise" remix with rapper Nelly- yup Country and rap together is awesome. We didn't leave EDM out of the mix, adding Zedd's "Clarity" which features singer Foxes. And as if to sum up the entire playlist and summer, and we put Fergie's Great Gatsby soundtrack song "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody". A little good listening never killed nobody either. Take a listen to our entire playlist to see what else ClevverMusic picked. Click here and a YouTube playlist with the songs will start. Happy summer, happy times, happy sunshine. And tell me down below what song you think should have made the list! I'm Misty Kingma for ClevverMusic thanks for tuning in I'll see you soon with more music news.