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    Lady Gaga surfaces at NYC Gay Pride Parade in first public appearance since emergency hip surgery and canceling her Born This Way Ball tour! What's up Little Monsters you're tuned in to ClevverMusic with some exciting Gaga updates. Lady Gaga is officially back! And what a better way to come back than to support the LGBT community. After a break from the public eye and from Twitter Gaga has emerged for a good cause! Gaga tweeted to celebrate the Supreme Court's dismissal of the Defense of Marriage Act last week and continued her delight by speaking and performing at the NYC Gay Pride Parade Rally on Friday evening June 28th. Gaga looked surprisingly unlike her usual dressed up self, sporting a short blonde bob, gorgeous makeup, and a strapless black dress. But to spice it up, she sported a black strip over her eyes before she gave an emotional speech. Mother Monster's powerful words were broadcast online on Livestream and demanded, "We are the continuum! We are ongoing!... I am a citizen of New York and I demand the rights to safe streets! The violence that has taken place towards LGBTs in the past months is unacceptable here and anywhere enough is enough! Tonight will be our night and now we can marry it if we want to." Of course, referring to her song "Marry the Night". The next portion of Gaga's speech was captured by our pal Lisa Murphy @ARTPOPDiva on YouTube where Gaga said emotionally, "Now, I get to say that I knew you when. Now I get to say I knew you when you suffered, when you felt unequal, when you felt there was nothing to look forward to. I knew you then... but I really know you now." Ms. Gaga then performed the The Star-Spangled Banner a cappella for the crowds while waving a colorful flag in the air, and changed one of the lyrics in the iconic song to, "Oh say, does our star-spangled flag of pride yet wave?" The performance was impressive and proved she's still got those incredible pipes, her hip surgery has luckily not affected her vocal cords. Her photographer pal Terry Richardson also debuted new pics of Gaga on his blog seeing her look gorgeous getting her makeup done and eating a strawberry. It is so nice to have our Lady back and for such a good reason! What did YOU think of Gaga's progressive speech? We love hearing from you guys and we'll answer your comments as best we can! I'm Misty Kingma thanks so much for watching ClevverMusic for your Mother Monster news! See you soon.