Stop #6 Volcom Stones Wild In The Parks Bellevue Skate Plaza, WA

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The Wild In The Parks tour sailed the waterways of Washington only to dock at the Bellevue Skate Plaza for stop #6 June 29, 2013.


14 & Under Division:
1st: Alex Lobasyuk
2nd: Joel Cendejas
3rd: Alex Harr
4th: Troy Gipson
5th: Seamus Thrasher
6th: Gabe Scott
7th: Thor Stoppard

15 & Over Division:
1st: Tanner Van Vark
2nd: Shylo Sweat
3rd: Greg Dehart
4th: Tameron Eaglehorse
5th: Austin Visintainer
6th: Rafi Dadd
7th: Kallen Hittner

Open Division:
1st: Mike Davis-$250
2nd: Ben Sauer -$150
3rd: Michael Ray -$100
4th: Ben Campbell
5th: John Matarazzo
6th: Joel Wilkins
7th: Ryan Lepore

Hi-Chew's Chewiest Move of the Day:
Caden Smith

Stand Out 10 & Under:
Kyle Harr

Stand Out Girl:
Kristin Ebeling

Motion Graphics: Mike Wiener

- Music -
Songs: Ripped At The Seam
Artist: Hot Lunch
Release: Who Can You Trust?


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