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    Airport Employee May Have Taken Stair Car to Get Pizza

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    by Geo Beats

    A LaGuardia Airport worker may have tried to take an airport stair car for a spin, only to be told his ride wasn’t street legal.

    An airport worker was one of the more recent people to prove that television shows aren’t always based in fact.

    He was seen taking a LaGuardia Airport stair car for a spin, just like Arrested Development’s Bluth family has time and time again, however his ride wasn’t street legal.

    According to New York Post, the guy was seen driving near a local pizza place on a Saturday afternoon.

    The DMV was clear on its position stating of the mobile airplane stairs vehicle, “It is not legal to drive on a public street.”

    The Port Authority was similarly not amused and offered an official statement on the matter. Said their spokesman “This is not acceptable behavior. We will immediately begin to identify the offending vehicle and driver and will take appropriate action.”

    Southwest Airlines, the owner of the equipment, asserts that the situation has been blown out of proportion. They say that there was no pizza involved and that their employee was merely driving to his office.