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Jonathan Meyer - Baleka (Club Mix)

il y a 4 ans34 views

Traxsource Promo Release: 8th July 2013
Worldwide Release: 5th August 2013
Website: http://www.supersoulmusic.net

Summer is coming and Super Soul Music is ready to go with a fresh release perfect for the hot weather that will come in the next months. It’s time to “Baleka” by Jonathan Meyer feat. Thandy. Her debut on our label start with real good vibes and proposal, her beautiful voice will give you the right energy to dance. She came from South Africa and sing this song in South African language. A tribute by Jonathan Meyer to this amazing country so in love with House Music.

“Club Mix” has great energy with elettro touch. The synth melodies are much particoular and alternate with clap and ayet crescendo that make this version really easy to dance. After the central break the main synth melodies make a funny but impressive evolution.

Need energy for summer dancefloor? Super Soul Music… is the Solution!


Super Soul Music network:
Contact: info@supersoulmusic.net
Website: www.supersoulmusic.net
Jonathan Meyer: www.jonathanmeyer.it
Twitter: twitter.com/SuperSoulMusic
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/ssupersoulmusic
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Super-Soul…/162924460473969

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