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    Allari Movie Songs - Nara Naram - Allari Naresh Swetha Agrawal

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    by Volga Videos

    Movie: Allari,
    Cast :Naresh, Swetha Agrawal, Nilambari, Sanjay, Chalapati Rao,
    Music :J Paul,
    Director :Ravi Babu,
    Producer :T Ravi Babu,
    Genre: Love,
    Theatrical Release Date: 10th May 2002,

    Songs List :
    1. Kingini Mingini
    2. Raa Podam
    3. Athayyo Mavayyo
    4. Nara Naram
    5. O Muddisava

    18-year old Ravi (Naresh) is the son of Swagruha Home Foods owner (Kota Sreenivasa Rao). He has a sweet childhood friend Aparna aka Appu (Swetha Agrawal), who also stays in same apartment complex in which Ravi lives. Appu's mother is a widow. Appu's father's ambition was to see Appu as a doctor. Ravi's father is a miser and doesn't give pocket money to Ravi. Appu helps him by giving money and sponsoring all his activities outside.
    Ruchi (Nilambari) and her parents live in the flat opposite to Ravi's flat. Ruchi is a major flirt, who uses her boy friends to have lavish lifestyle and expensive gifts. Ravi falls head over heels on Ruchi. Though he starts admiring Ruchi, she hates his presence. Ravi attempts giving a love letter to Ruchi, but in vain. Hence, he requests Appu to pass on the love letter to Ruchi, without telling the source from which the love letter has come. Appu opens the letter and finds that it's a silly love letter. She writes a good and sensible love letter and passes it over to Ruchi. Ruchi starts loving her secret admirer.
    One fine day, Ravi introduces himself as the one who has written the love letter and starts dating her. The love letter he wrote to Ruchi changes hands accidentally and as a result love blossoms between Ruchi's father and Ravi's mother. Appu starts feeling bad that her best friend loves a girl whose character is not good. At the same time, she also has some unknown feelings towards Ravi.
    Ruchi invites Ravi to her place saying that she is all alone and she wants to give a 'special gift' to him. If you want to know what happened next and the wonderful scenes that followed later, you must watch the film on the silver screen.